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We are in a tougher time more than ever with the COVID 19 pandemic.
Although we are physically apart, we can overcome any difficulty if we keep the distance between our hearts close and encourage each other. Be kind, Be humble and Be the love💗


  1. kris

    krisHace 6 días

    178 ribu

  2. Esra Avc

    Esra AvcHace 7 días

    SHİNee is back

  3. Esra Avc

    Esra AvcHace 7 días


  4. شاوليه قبل الولاده

    شاوليه قبل الولادهHace 16 días


  5. Sofiii vvv

    Sofiii vvvHace 18 días

    Taemin cuteee!!

  6. 원족

    원족Hace 23 días

    0:03 에...!?!?!? 가만히 앉아 계시면 완성인데요?

  7. Forever NCTzen

    Forever NCTzenHace un mes

    Taemin so cute 💖🥰

  8. kris

    krisHace un mes

    Taemin is really handsome Taemin is really handsome Taemin is really handsome

  9. ఇ

    Hace un mes

    사람이 어떻게 저렇게 귀여울 수가 있지

  10. keit_ K

    keit_ KHace un mes


  11. Carli Petals

    Carli PetalsHace un mes


  12. 소금이너무짜

    소금이너무짜Hace un mes

    숨만 쉬어도 귀엽다 이태밍😭

  13. Kepçük loey 70

    Kepçük loey 70Hace un mes

    Offf bak yine taemin aşkım kabardi

  14. Kepçük loey 70

    Kepçük loey 70Hace un mes

    Taemin >>>

  15. Kepçük loey 70

    Kepçük loey 70Hace un mes

    Herkes dinlesin bne bu adama asifim

  16. Kepçük loey 70

    Kepçük loey 70Hace un mes

    Vallahi tatli krizine gircwm şimdi

  17. Kepçük loey 70

    Kepçük loey 70Hace un mes

    Of of çok tatlısın

  18. Kepçük loey 70

    Kepçük loey 70Hace un mes

    Yrim snei cocuk adqm

  19. Prism SHINee

    Prism SHINeeHace un mes

    이태민 이뻐 죽겄어

  20. srp sntrk

    srp sntrkHace un mes

    Its such a ASMR material

  21. keit_ K

    keit_ KHace un mes


  22. Aimaila5H Polaris

    Aimaila5H PolarisHace un mes

    😂😂💖 Adorable big baby 💗💗

  23. Le Tigre

    Le TigreHace un mes

    um where's the rest of SHINee like Minho, Key, Jinki? Were they back from military duty when this was filmed 🤔 it would've been kool to see them all together.

  24. 푸카

    푸카Hace un mes

    이렇게 귀여워도 되는건가 이게 ㅁ..말이 되는 귀여움인가?

  25. / Hsinaaa6v6

    / Hsinaaa6v6Hace un mes

  26. Ian

    IanHace un mes

    Taemin, do you need to be this cute? I am attacked!! My heart...

  27. 마하OJKMT

    마하OJKMTHace un mes

    I love you so much ♡

  28. 마하OJKMT

    마하OJKMTHace un mes

    so cute ^^

  29. 林珍安

    林珍安Hace un mes


  30. 할미는행복혀

    할미는행복혀Hace un mes

    왤케 귀여운거죠 흑흑 이태민 영원해 러뷰 흑흑 할무니 관짝 닫을 때까지 응원할게😭😭💜💜💖💖

  31. Meybelin Pineda

    Meybelin PinedaHace un mes


  32. FT Disha

    FT DishaHace un mes


  33. Olahiannyeong

    OlahiannyeongHace un mes


  34. Chloë Nevski

    Chloë NevskiHace un mes

    thank you my angel

  35. ㅎㅎ

    ㅎㅎHace un mes


  36. Kimkimi Bawitlung

    Kimkimi BawitlungHace un mes


  37. 김나은

    김나은Hace un mes

    태민아 너 요정 맞지?? 맞잖아!!!ㅠㅠㅠ

  38. SHINeeWorld Family

    SHINeeWorld FamilyHace un mes

    Dia seperti tidak menua

  39. Karen Swartz

    Karen SwartzHace un mes

    This is too adorable.


    OH SEHUN EXOHace un mes



    SHINee WORLD KURDISHHace un mes

    We love u so much taemin-ah

  42. Ssuu ss

    Ssuu ssHace un mes

    미쳤다 왜 때문에 저렇게 귀엽죠ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  43. Mom Dad

    Mom DadHace un mes

    Waiting for SHINee's back 🥰

  44. Jersey F

    Jersey FHace un mes

    I love when he smiles. His eyes glow and his smile is so mesmerizing.

  45. jamarajonas

    jamarajonasHace un mes

    Taeminnie I love you.

  46. KeNaI sUnDuRi

    KeNaI sUnDuRiHace un mes

    No hay hombre más noble, sencillo y más adorable que el GRANDIOSO Y PRECIOSO "TAEMIN", por eso, por su gran corazón y su hermosura descomunal lo AMO MUCHÍSIMO 💗👏😍

  47. Milk In Tea

    Milk In TeaHace un mes

    The concert was amazing! I can't wait to see TAEMIN preform live one day!

  48. Nia Coztha27

    Nia Coztha27Hace un mes

    Taemin sweet like Sugar🥰😘😭😭😭😘😘

  49. Maria Oliva

    Maria OlivaHace un mes


  50. ꗃ C L A U

    ꗃ C L A UHace un mes


  51. ꗃ C L A U

    ꗃ C L A UHace un mes


  52. ꗃ C L A U

    ꗃ C L A UHace un mes


  53. ꗃ C L A U

    ꗃ C L A UHace un mes


  54. ꗃ C L A U

    ꗃ C L A UHace un mes

    Mi bubu tan tierno, ayyy la visualidad de Tae me matª, sí.

  55. J D

    J DHace un mes


  56. Aarushi Kishore

    Aarushi KishoreHace un mes

    I'm so thankful for SMTown to make this concert free... This was my first concert in my life that I sat and watched properly!

  57. Aarushi Kishore

    Aarushi KishoreHace un mes

    I love the song in the background: Think Of You

  58. Tuyen Hoang

    Tuyen HoangHace un mes

    Taeminnie. You are so cute

  59. AkamiSama

    AkamiSamaHace un mes

    ¿Cómo alguien puede ser tan precioso? Lloro brillitos. ;;

  60. 지구별

    지구별Hace un mes

    왜 때문에 태민이 영상은 구독자 피드에 바로 안 뜨죠...??

  61. andrea Salazar

    andrea SalazarHace un mes

    Mi bebé es hermoso y tan tierno 😍😍😍😍😍💗💗💗💗💗 💎💎💎💎💎💘💘💘💘💘

  62. Célia Regina SB

    Célia Regina SBHace un mes

    É meu bb❤

  63. forever love sad happy

    forever love sad happyHace un mes

    The BGM, i wish SM release the inst. :'(

  64. yuj__a

    yuj__aHace un mes


  65. Adiz 1006

    Adiz 1006Hace un mes


  66. 이즈자몽

    이즈자몽Hace un mes

    저티켓 추첨해서 줬으면 좋겠다... 갖고싶어

  67. Dea Ayu

    Dea AyuHace un mes

    Taemin why are you so cute ???? arghhhh❤

  68. dubuchilka

    dubuchilkaHace un mes

    Precious adorable cutest little bean.

  69. てむてむ

    てむてむHace un mes

    テミンちゃーん❤️かっこいいのに、なんでそんなかわいいの〜😍✨ 不器用なところがまた愛おしいㅋㅋㅋ

  70. Rebeca R.O

    Rebeca R.OHace un mes


  71. 서현

    서현Hace un mes

    사랑해 이태민 ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  72. Hannah Therese Quizon

    Hannah Therese QuizonHace un mes

    Baby cheese 🧀🥺

  73. hado had

    hado hadHace un mes

    Love u ❤️

  74. memo m

    memo mHace un mes


  75. ale pao

    ale paoHace un mes

    My precious baby King 👶🥰🥇👑

  76. Apale peña Cielo

    Apale peña CieloHace un mes


  77. Dren Kard

    Dren KardHace un mes

    Did Taemin also decorate his SuperM ticket?

  78. Alexandra Hernández

    Alexandra HernándezHace un mes

    *cute :)*

  79. Natalia Rodríguez

    Natalia RodríguezHace un mes

    The fact that he wrote SHINee instead of SuperM. (even when he was promoting all year long in SuperM) 💚💚💚💚

  80. Mutano Titãs

    Mutano TitãsHace un mes

    Fofo o convite amamos Taemin

  81. Winda Amalia Kusumawardani

    Winda Amalia KusumawardaniHace un mes


  82. selma malik

    selma malikHace un mes


  83. Maddy Paddy

    Maddy PaddyHace un mes

    1:18 his poor face when the sticker can’t fit on the front 😭 so precious

  84. Pringles

    PringlesHace un mes


  85. 윤Isis

    윤IsisHace un mes

    The more I see the happy taemin, the more I feel I have to protect him from the world, I love him so much❤️

  86. 낑깡

    낑깡Hace un mes

    태민이ㅜㅜ 올해도 행복하자

  87. Ari Eros

    Ari ErosHace un mes

    he is the cutest human being in the world 🤧❤️💕

  88. Karla Ayala

    Karla AyalaHace un mes


  89. Karla Ayala

    Karla AyalaHace un mes


  90. dilan konukseven

    dilan konuksevenHace un mes

    Where are they ? Onew, Minho or key ? Anybody’s know that ?

  91. Auntie67

    Auntie67Hace un mes

    They didn’t take part in this concert, it was only Taemin solo, hence they weren’t there. They are preparing for their comeback in February :)

  92. Jimin s.shi

    Jimin s.shiHace un mes

    Anyone Shawol 2021? ⬇️

  93. Andrea Teves

    Andrea TevesHace un mes

    TAEMIN, eres enérgico y lindo 💘😍

  94. NANAN

    NANANHace un mes

    Gosh. Taemin's smile brightens up the world. Please stop. Its blinding me.

  95. ring ding dont

    ring ding dontHace un mes

    taemin is the most precious human ever

  96. Kim Choon- Hee

    Kim Choon- HeeHace un mes

    This baby needs his hyungs so that he won't feel lonely

  97. Taemin Choruss

    Taemin ChorussHace un mes


  98. 802 802

    802 802Hace un mes

    泰民真的很像外星人在做手工藝 哈哈哈哈

  99. Sapphire Rabbit

    Sapphire RabbitHace un mes

    So adorable. Then onstage he transforms into a different animal. Kitten to tiger. 💕💕

  100. Sara Kim Jonghyun

    Sara Kim JonghyunHace un mes

    Aku mencintai SHINee bangat 2021 SHINee is back back back❤😭🙏🤗

  101. fumi33ko

    fumi33koHace un mes

    Taemin ♡