🎟 Let's make a SMTOWN LIVE TICKET with #Raiden #GINJO #IMLAY | 🎫 #레이든 #긴조 #임레이 와 티꾸

We are in a tougher time more than ever with the COVID 19 pandemic.
Although we are physically apart, we can overcome any difficulty if we keep the distance between our hearts close and encourage each other. Be kind, Be humble and Be the love💗
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  1. Upilnya Taeyong

    Upilnya TaeyongHace 2 horas


  2. Ileana Lira

    Ileana LiraHace 3 días

    Owww son tan tiernos ajajsjslwldnw

  3. rusyadi niar

    rusyadi niarHace 4 días

    Finally we got the chance to know raiden and imlay face 😂❤

  4. Felisia Ivana

    Felisia IvanaHace 4 días

    SM have such a cutie and charming dj

  5. kris

    krisHace 6 días

    60 ribu


    WIJIANIHace 24 días

    They are also very kind and talented


    WIJIANIHace 24 días

    DJ in SM ❤️❤️ 너무 잘생겨서~~~

  8. Bulba Tea Lady

    Bulba Tea LadyHace un mes

    Ginjo is looks like Jeno fathers and Raiden is like shotaro brother :v

  9. Carli Petals

    Carli PetalsHace un mes

    Ow so cute

  10. Jannene Alam

    Jannene AlamHace un mes

    I love Raiden uwu

  11. Jannene Alam

    Jannene AlamHace un mes




    owww, tan lindos

  13. Ghyneska Almeida

    Ghyneska AlmeidaHace un mes

    I fell in love with the DJs at the after party, they are amazing !!! (☆▽☆) , SM you need to promote them more!!!

  14. Beatrice Soberanez

    Beatrice SoberanezHace un mes

    They're so cute!

  15. bibimbap .u

    bibimbap .uHace un mes

    Raiden smile kinda looks like Shotaro from nct. Are they siblings didnt they😂💚?

  16. Diana GB

    Diana GBHace un mes

    Our lovely Raiden.

  17. Talitha Panglima

    Talitha PanglimaHace un mes

    Raiden and shotaro is like a twin brother

  18. ellie ¡!

    ellie ¡!Hace un mes

    nah damn, they're the bestt dj that i knowww i really lovvee them!

  19. Chittaphrrr

    ChittaphrrrHace un mes

    Ginjo is sooooo tall

  20. Haell Dot

    Haell DotHace un mes

    mad respect to this djs


    KOLO STREAMHace un mes

    Very cute tickets, THANK YOU!!! ❤_❤


    KOLO STREAMHace un mes

    Why so Handsome!!! 😍

  23. Cherry Chan

    Cherry ChanHace un mes

    Support Raiden!!

  24. Анель Талипова

    Анель ТалиповаHace un mes

    So handsome

  25. Andita Ari Putri

    Andita Ari PutriHace un mes


  26. Mimi Hernández

    Mimi HernándezHace un mes

    Vine a ver el vídeo porque la verdad, la verdad, estuvieron bárbaros, perreo hasta el suelo con estos tres, además debo apoyar al papá de shotaro

  27. Winda Amalia Kusumawardani

    Winda Amalia KusumawardaniHace un mes


  28. Dea Ayu

    Dea AyuHace un mes

    After watching the DJ SM performance I immediately searched one by one, I was surprised that they were amazing.👍💗

  29. Hilda Tiara Hanum

    Hilda Tiara HanumHace un mes

    raiden saranghaee

  30. Leanne Desabelle

    Leanne DesabelleHace un mes

    Raiden I see what you did there with 519 👉👈👀

  31. meganekick

    meganekickHace un mes

    I hope SMent will expose other artists non idol like this in the future✨🙏✨

  32. Kylene Solante

    Kylene SolanteHace un mes

    Y'all djs making cute stuff like that HAHAAHAHAHAH RAIDEN I LOVE YOU!!!!

  33. Kylene Solante

    Kylene SolanteHace un mes

    Raiden the long lost father of NCT Shotaro

  34. novanghafara

    novanghafaraHace un mes

    i thought it was shotaro on the thumbnail lol

  35. ordinary people

    ordinary peopleHace un mes

    Kenapa dj sm gemoy sangat

  36. i i

    i iHace un mes

    DJ TIMEめっちゃ楽しかったです☺️❤️

  37. Fathsans

    FathsansHace un mes

    I came here after enjoying th edm section on smtown yesterday HAHAHAHHA

  38. Paola de Guzman

    Paola de GuzmanHace un mes

    aaargh. dj_raiden_ why so cuteeeee? - 🥺❣️

  39. Amiya G

    Amiya GHace un mes

    Man I was hyping them UP LAST NIGHT. They all got skills and BEATS. I hope to see them more. BRO they’re so cute🙌

  40. caca frederica

    caca fredericaHace un mes


  41. From Home Gives Meaning To Life

    From Home Gives Meaning To LifeHace un mes

    Who old is imlay?He is hella attractive.

  42. Nawang Wulan

    Nawang WulanHace un mes

    Raiden look like similar with Shotaro NCT

  43. 조민수

    조민수Hace un mes

    어제 이형들이구나ㅋㅋㅋ

  44. rosepeacha

    rosepeachaHace un mes

    Hahahah cute

  45. mia rodriguez

    mia rodriguezHace un mes

    Raiden 😍

  46. the renaissance ಎ

    the renaissance ಎHace un mes

    thank you for the after party aashsjsj

  47. ayu made kusumawardhani

    ayu made kusumawardhaniHace un mes

    Are they from TRAXX member??

  48. the renaissance ಎ

    the renaissance ಎHace un mes

    Ginjo is a TRAXX member

  49. ayu made kusumawardhani

    ayu made kusumawardhaniHace un mes

    Nice to see someone new in SMtown👍🙏

  50. Dorothy Jane Ababon

    Dorothy Jane AbabonHace un mes


  51. Maria Isabel

    Maria IsabelHace un mes

    Raiden is so cute hahaha💗

  52. Helims3

    Helims3Hace un mes


  53. HELLO

    HELLOHace un mes

    슴콘에 제대로된 EDM 정말신선했고 잘봤어요 앞으로도 계속 볼 수 있었으면 좋겠어요 노래 리믹스들 엄청 신나던데 예능출연같은거도 좀 하셨으면ㄱㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  54. new life

    new lifeHace un mes

    IMLAY is so shy. Hah, i really like him

  55. Nelly Lim

    Nelly LimHace un mes

    Mmm okey shotaro - raiden 👍😂

  56. h 1011

    h 1011Hace un mes

    Raiden, exo-l loves you so much, thanks for being friends with Chanyeol

  57. tiwi npa

    tiwi npaHace un mes

    They're so cute. Fighting

  58. 89skc89

    89skc89Hace un mes

    oh i love that bg 'think about me' its my jam lately

  59. JD

    JDHace un mes

    I want to go to a party with SM DJs soooo bad, so I can show my friends that they can vibe to Korean music 😅

  60. orange carpet

    orange carpetHace un mes

    I like Ginjoo's ticket

  61. jaehyun's laptop

    jaehyun's laptopHace un mes

    Just wanna say i rly enjoy the after party at the end of smtown's live concert!! It makes me feel like im in a club and i love their energy when they r DJ ing :D

  62. Fitri Afril

    Fitri AfrilHace un mes

    Love raiden♡♡ love ginjo♡♡ love imlay♡♡

  63. Coffee Universe

    Coffee UniverseHace un mes

    i just wanna say ginjo looks so cute heree aaaa

  64. Syt Asta

    Syt AstaHace un mes

    Mana bisa dj segemes ini sih aku nanya ???? KALIAN GEMES TAU GA SIH HEH

  65. London Kim

    London KimHace un mes

    슴생님덜.. 이디엠파티 증말 최고였어요.. 방구석에서 둠칫 두둠칫 무료로 보기 죄송할 정도로 ㅠㅠ 다음에도 잘부탁드려요 !! 다음엔 오프라인이길...

  66. 미션입아파서불가능

    미션입아파서불가능Hace un mes

    이디엠 나중에 진짜 꼭 오프에서 보고싶음.. 온라인에서도 엄청 신났는데 오프면 진짜 한 3키로는 빠지도록 뛰면서 놀듯ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ... 너무 신났음

  67. Viannisa Rizqia

    Viannisa RizqiaHace un mes

    Fix Raiden ama shota bapak anak:)

  68. kk kk

    kk kkHace un mes

    Thank you so much Raiden!

  69. fran the man

    fran the manHace un mes

    all of yoonohmii's discord server simping for these men tho

  70. Farida yuni

    Farida yuniHace un mes

    Bahkan DJnya pun ganteng! Apalagi mas Imlay huhu TvT

  71. Payas Baekki

    Payas BaekkiHace un mes

    I love you Raiden you so kind i hope you always be happy

  72. happy days

    happy daysHace un mes

    이디엠 메들리 최고였음

  73. ncity home

    ncity homeHace un mes

    you are the best DJ

  74. ncity home

    ncity homeHace un mes

    they are cute 😂

  75. ncity home

    ncity homeHace un mes

    sm dj

  76. Bomi Bun bun

    Bomi Bun bunHace un mes

    Stop they’re so cutely handsome 🥲🥲

  77. 찬; bjdn can

    찬; bjdn canHace un mes

    THANK U ❤️❤️

  78. 찬; bjdn can

    찬; bjdn canHace un mes


  79. Stephanie Amy

    Stephanie AmyHace un mes


  80. Minseok's Marshmellow

    Minseok's MarshmellowHace un mes

    the ticket made by Raiden is my type.

  81. Kim Zahra

    Kim ZahraHace un mes

    raiden is so handsome ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  82. Nurin Nasir

    Nurin NasirHace un mes

    raiden and ginjo so cuteee

  83. D.O. Kyungsoo

    D.O. KyungsooHace un mes

    Y'all so talented, thank you for remixing our favorite songs

  84. camila castillo

    camila castilloHace un mes

    No puedo con la ternura que se carga Raiden

  85. Charisa حاَرِسَ ᄉᄀ

    Charisa حاَرِسَ ᄉᄀHace un mes


  86. bel

    belHace un mes

    i am glad that sm led them some light to flex their craft during this quarantine. and that everyone watching enjoyed it!!! they are just oozing with pure talent. kudos!

  87. athayafp

    athayafpHace un mes

    Even the DJ of SM is visual OMG


    NCT IN THE HOUSEHace un mes


  89. new life

    new lifeHace un mes

    SM have only talented, hardworking visuals

  90. Bubu 1212

    Bubu 1212Hace un mes

    Imlay diem bae yaallah😭😂

  91. 이수만앞니 두톨

    이수만앞니 두톨Hace un mes

    이디엠파티 오프에서 했으면 개재밌었을 듯,,,수고하셨습니당

  92. Hala Saudi

    Hala SaudiHace un mes


  93. new life

    new lifeHace un mes

    They are really cool

  94. marry jj

    marry jjHace un mes

    You did it !!!!! so cool !!!!!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  95. JaeValentine

    JaeValentineHace un mes

    these DJs deserve to get a lot of more recognition!! They really deserve it!!

  96. 김민지

    김민지Hace un mes

    선생님들 이디엠파티 나중에 꼭 오프에서 열어주세요 진짜 꿀잼이었으니가요..

  97. Tyas Puspa

    Tyas PuspaHace un mes

    you guys are so handsome and cute at the same time!

  98. ATHEER

    ATHEERHace un mes

    Her to support Raiden

  99. c a r l a m

    c a r l a mHace un mes

    All their stages were amazing!!

  100. exo weareone

    exo weareoneHace un mes

    EXOLS Support raiden 🍓☘️✨

  101. EXO-SC Fighting

    EXO-SC FightingHace un mes