🎟 Let's make a SMTOWN LIVE TICKET with #NCT127 | 🎫 #엔시티127 과 티꾸

We are in a tougher time more than ever with the COVID 19 pandemic.
Although we are physically apart, we can overcome any difficulty if we keep the distance between our hearts close and encourage each other. Be kind, Be humble and Be the love💗
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  1. candy land

    candy landHace un hora

    Mark is so cute 😍

  2. candy land

    candy landHace un hora

    neo cute technology :)

  3. jeljey_

    jeljey_Hace 4 días

    neo culture technology

  4. jeljey_

    jeljey_Hace 4 días


  5. kris

    krisHace 6 días

    524 ribu

  6. kris

    krisHace 7 días

    Let's make a SMtown ticket with #nct 127 # 127

  7. 키츠

    키츠Hace 9 días

    도영이 성갹나온다 악 너무 귀여워

  8. Naomi

    NaomiHace 18 días

    💙❄⛄💣💚 I olé!!💃👏👏👏

  9. NewOldObsession

    NewOldObsessionHace 26 días


  10. Latifah 987

    Latifah 987Hace 28 días


  11. Hannah Gebreselassie

    Hannah GebreselassieHace un mes

    3:17 Jungwoo: Swipe up Me: Swiper no swiping, because I'm broke!!!! SORRY NCT, when I get money, I for sure will swipe up and get my ticket!!!!!!

  12. kris

    krisHace un mes

    Taeil is really handsome Johnny is really handsome Taeyong is really handsome Yuta is really handsome Doyoung is really handsome Jaehyun is really handsome Jungwoo is really handsome Mark is really handsome Haechan is really handsome

  13. 미미미미

    미미미미Hace un mes

    왜 애들 의자 안 주냐

  14. Kepçük loey 70

    Kepçük loey 70Hace un mes

    Hadi bitsin derrrr

  15. Kepçük loey 70

    Kepçük loey 70Hace un mes


  16. Kepçük loey 70

    Kepçük loey 70Hace un mes


  17. Kepçük loey 70

    Kepçük loey 70Hace un mes

    Acilmaisn olmaz

  18. Kepçük loey 70

    Kepçük loey 70Hace un mes

    Ay insallah okul açılır dedi Tövbe de

  19. Kepçük loey 70

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  20. Kepçük loey 70

    Kepçük loey 70Hace un mes

    Ayh biktim okuldan

  21. Kepçük loey 70

    Kepçük loey 70Hace un mes

    Ya bak dersteyim kadın acayip gicik Konuşuyor Ama siz varken sinirlenmicem no no no

  22. Kepçük loey 70

    Kepçük loey 70Hace un mes

    Aşk adamlar

  23. three !!

    three !!Hace un mes

    this is so cute

  24. Nur Zafirah Che Nordin

    Nur Zafirah Che NordinHace un mes

    Haechan cutest and fluffiest bear with red hair,i love you❤️!!

  25. Aphrodite Ryan Owen

    Aphrodite Ryan OwenHace un mes

    야 서우석 장우혁 오늘부터 맹훈련이도다 송정우 진격의거인 오프닝1기거 다 부를줄안다 우리 질수없도다 ㅇㅇㅇ

  26. Lora Ren

    Lora RenHace un mes

    Mark and jaehyun dragging doyoung to do the frat boys look lmao

  27. Ирина Ф

    Ирина ФHace un mes


  28. Ирина Ф

    Ирина ФHace un mes

    Swipe up?..

  29. S Styles

    S StylesHace un mes


  30. syasa sahab

    syasa sahabHace un mes

    卡连 i沙拉吗 尬

  31. zhee dodo's

    zhee dodo'sHace un mes

    johnny: get ur ticket jungwoo: swipe up~

  32. Belle One

    Belle OneHace un mes

    I love how there's a dog emoji whenever Jungwoo talks😂

  33. Bohay Mantap

    Bohay MantapHace un mes

    shorturl.ca/fllrtbangtitsgirl TANTA BEYEZAS QUE DIOS A HECHO EN ESTE MUNDO ASERE Y DISEN QUE DIOS ES MALO SI DIOS ES MALO NADIE ES BUENO ASERE MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を付けないとねftr

  34. Мики Маусович

    Мики МаусовичHace un mes

    I have to say it Their costumes are so beautiful 😂

  35. zeus

    zeusHace un mes

    johnwoo: get your ticket me: momoland imnida

  36. King Daniel

    King DanielHace un mes


  37. Choco Chip

    Choco ChipHace un mes

    they said they wanted to make it simple. but in the end their tickets are nothing simple at all 😂

  38. Choco Chip

    Choco ChipHace un mes

    Ini member 127 kenapa hiasan tiketnya keluar garis semua. Kurang gede ya itu ukuran tiketnya 😂😂

  39. Choco Chip

    Choco ChipHace un mes

    Ya ampun Doyoung-ah, apa gk kurang banyak itu wajahnya ssambear. Jadinya itu bukan tiket yang ditempelin stiker, tapi seolah-olah stiker yang dihias jadi tiket. 😭

  40. sun solaire

    sun solaireHace un mes

    Johnny: should we kiss now? Me: *screams in gay* Haechan: should we stare at each other? Me: I'm done-

  41. Jasmine Xu

    Jasmine XuHace un mes


  42. Alexa Reyes

    Alexa ReyesHace un mes

    SM ARTISTS: simple is the best

  43. Nazilah Najla

    Nazilah NajlaHace un mes

    Jaehyun bosen cakep😌

  44. Baryana Reetman

    Baryana ReetmanHace un mes

    Taeyong, please get well soon :'(

  45. zz젯젯

    zz젯젯Hace un mes

    또잉이 왤케 기운이 없어보이지ㅠ

  46. Geminis Justice

    Geminis JusticeHace un mes

    Gracias a los subtítulos en español, pude disfrutar los diálogos de mis talentosos y guapísimos NCT 127. Gracias!!

  47. asdfghjkl

    asdfghjklHace un mes


  48. asdfghjkl

    asdfghjklHace un mes

    Taeyong💚 Doyoung💚 Mark💚 Jeno💚

  49. asdfghjkl

    asdfghjklHace un mes

    Sayang banget kalian💚💚💚

  50. Ho Siew Hoe

    Ho Siew HoeHace un mes

    😊☀️🌜Use what talents You possess. The woods would be very silent if no birds Sang there except those that Sang best.

  51. dinda ryana

    dinda ryanaHace un mes

    The best

  52. tiway bubu nabongss

    tiway bubu nabongssHace un mes

    2:33 i heard taeyong's laugh but i realized that ty is absent ,, n that was doyoung ... bestie behavior :")

  53. Ifadah Insani

    Ifadah InsaniHace un mes

    No one... Jungwoo: "Swipe Up"

  54. ꗃ C L A U

    ꗃ C L A UHace un mes


  55. ꗃ C L A U

    ꗃ C L A UHace un mes


  56. colors0to9

    colors0to9Hace un mes


  57. imane Lasbahani

    imane LasbahaniHace un mes

    They are not nice

  58. 호롤로로ᅥ로롤

    호롤로로ᅥ로롤Hace un mes

    아우 이뽀라 💚

  59. Qaseh Jamilin

    Qaseh JamilinHace un mes

    Where taeyongg?

  60. Nurul fauzia

    Nurul fauziaHace un mes

    Get well soon uri leader~

  61. Nurul fauzia

    Nurul fauziaHace un mes

    Tempat Doy penuh skali

  62. Nurul fauzia

    Nurul fauziaHace un mes

    Jaehyun lmao

  63. O-sa-car

    O-sa-carHace un mes

    Chenle is still NCT’s baby

  64. maya mayra

    maya mayraHace un mes

    NCT is really disgusting and they sound like girls

  65. Nurliana Febriyanti

    Nurliana FebriyantiHace un mes

    Mark ❤❤❤

  66. •Lee Know •

    •Lee Know •Hace un mes

    why is Marks "Let's go" so cute 🥺

  67. kiky

    kikyHace un mes

    jungwoo being the social media influencer.. that swipe up, hahhahaha

  68. Cʜᴀᴇʀɪᴇɴ

    CʜᴀᴇʀɪᴇɴHace un mes


  69. alyonnasen

    alyonnasenHace un mes

    haechan has been speaking a lot of english these days uwu

  70. Laila

    LailaHace un mes

    Makeu 💚

  71. Laila

    LailaHace un mes

    Jaehyuuuun 💚

  72. Ill Melody

    Ill MelodyHace un mes

    Johnny's signature is so cool and classy until he adds the cute tiny js after.

  73. Ill Melody

    Ill MelodyHace un mes

    0:32 I thought Johnny meant kiss each other sorry

  74. Winda Amalia Kusumawardani

    Winda Amalia KusumawardaniHace un mes

    NCT 127

  75. Amy Schotch

    Amy SchotchHace un mes

    Awesome guys! Ok...Johnny and Jungwoo...so funny together! Get your ticket!

  76. Zaineb Ben ammar

    Zaineb Ben ammarHace un mes

    당신의 추종자들이 지민에게 한 것처럼 당신을 괴롭히지 않을 것입니다. 얼마나 추한 일 이었습니까. 지민이가 우울증에 빠졌습니다. 우리가 당신을 얼마나 싫어하는지. 지민에게 무슨 일이 생기면 우리는 당신 중 한 사람을 괴롭 히고 누가 자살 할 것인지 볼 것입니다.

  77. Elaissa Samson

    Elaissa SamsonHace un mes

    Jungwoo knowing his worth is the biggest flex🤗💚

  78. Levina PS

    Levina PSHace un mes

    Jungwoo's handwriting is so pretty!

  79. Sasi Kirani

    Sasi KiraniHace un mes

    Gw curiga sama jungwoo deh... Kyknya dia punya IG, tiktok dll

  80. U

    UHace un mes

    Who don't luv our boys 😭

  81. Elsa Aulia

    Elsa AuliaHace un mes

    Doyoung mayak bnaget stikernya

  82. Christine Solis

    Christine SolisHace un mes

    In Suju's video Jungwoo and Haechan appeared and in here Yuta mentioned his Suju hyungs.. I'm... my nctsuju crumbs 💚💙

  83. Dinda Ardani

    Dinda ArdaniHace un mes

    Kiyowo ✨💚. So cutee. Im Reddy

  84. mesya nabila

    mesya nabilaHace un mes

    when look haechan aegyo he look so cute

  85. 호에에ᅦ엥

    호에에ᅦ엥Hace un mes

    어떻게 저렇게 다 잘생겼지 후하 너무 잘생겼다

  86. A. Ling

    A. LingHace un mes

    Mark: it’s like a dental advertisement 😂🤣 Go get y’all some endorsements money from Crest or Colgate.

  87. 우아아아아아

    우아아아아아Hace un mes

    김도영 개잘생겼네... 울 일이칠 다 얼굴 무슨 일??

  88. Salsabila Mutiara Putri

    Salsabila Mutiara PutriHace un mes

    Popular opinion: everyone wants to see *NCT* in real life.

  89. 밍키프렌즈

    밍키프렌즈Hace un mes

    슴콘 영웅 의상 체고ㅜㅜ 아니 그럼 해차니랑 마크는 2번씩 한거구나ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 다들 넘 귀엽고 티꾸에는 툥 없어서 아쉽다ㅜㅜ 담에는 건강한 모습으로 돌아와서 완전체 보여줘!!💚

  90. Sanchita Chakraborty

    Sanchita ChakrabortyHace un mes

    I miss Taeyong... #getwellsoontaeyong 💖😭

  91. 李歆

    李歆Hace un mes


  92. 도영아사랑해

    도영아사랑해Hace un mes


  93. Dren Kard

    Dren KardHace un mes

    Did Mark also decorate a SuperM ticket?

  94. 李歆

    李歆Hace un mes


  95. JOOJOO #1 FAN

    JOOJOO #1 FANHace un mes

    so based on the outfit, it was kick it outfit in smtown culture humanity live and taeyong was actually there but he did not taking the photobooth?

  96. 18_Komang Tri Cahyani

    18_Komang Tri CahyaniHace un mes

    Get well soon Taeyong oppa

  97. 18_Komang Tri Cahyani

    18_Komang Tri CahyaniHace un mes

    NCT 화이팅!

  98. Anna Lin 【安娜】

    Anna Lin 【安娜】Hace un mes

    Miss Taeyong!!

  99. 18_Komang Tri Cahyani

    18_Komang Tri CahyaniHace un mes

    Jaehyun face so funny^^

  100. Denisse

    DenisseHace un mes

    0:03 pov:le estoy llorando a Jungwoo

  101. da da

    da daHace un mes

    하.. 재현아

  102. Feey Nbai

    Feey NbaiHace un mes

    Miss taeyong